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Current Australian Standard for Concrete Placing Equipment

This Australian Standard specifies the requirements for the safe use of concrete placing equipment. The design, construction, testing and associzted specific requirements of concrete placing equipment are given in AS 1418.15 and the general requirements are specificed in AS 1418.1. This Standard is complementary to AS 2550.1, but the requirements of AS 2550.15 shall take precedence over corresponding requirements. 

The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia is a member of Technical Committes ME005 and ME091 responsible for AS 2550.15 Cranes - Safe Use Part 15: Concrete Placing Equipment and referenced documents.  

The Standards listed below covers specific requirements for the safe use of concrete placing equipment and is intended for use in conjunction with AS 2550.1 Cranes - Safe Use Part 1: General requirements.  

AS 2550.15 Cranes - Safe Use Part 15: Concrete Placing Equipment specifies the requirements which apply to concrete placing equipment. Additional requirements are covered by subsequent parts.

AS 2550.15-1994 Cranes - Safe Use Part 15: Concrete Placing Equipment (Current)

Referenced documents

  • AS 1055 - Acoustics-Description and measurement of environment noise
  • AS 1055.2 - Part 2: Application to specific situations
  • AS 1171 - Methods for magnetic particle testing of ferromagnetic products and components
  • AS 1269 - Acoustics - Hearing conservation
  • AS 1418 - Cranes (including hoists and winches)
  • AS 1418.1 - Part 1: General requirements
  • AS 1418.15 - Part 15: Concrete placing equipment
  • AS 1554 - Structural steel welding (known as the SAA Structural Steel Welding Code)
  • AS 2207 - Methods for the ultrasonic testing of fusion welded joints in steels
  • AS 2452 - Non-destructive testing - Determination of thickness
  • AS 2452.3 - Part 3: Use of ultrasonic testing
  • AS 2549 - Cranes-Glossary of terms
  • AS 2550 - Cranes - Safe use
  • AS 2550.1 - Part 1: General requirements
  • AS 3000 - Electrical installations - Building, structures and premises (known as the SAA Wiring Rules)
  • AS 3012 - Electrical installations - Construction and demolition sites
  • NOHSC (National Occupational Health and Safety Commission)
  • AS 1007 National Standard for occupational noise

For more information visit Australian Standards website

Standards Australia Revision of AS2550.15 (Committee ME191)

AS 2550.15-1994 Cranes - Safe Use Part 15: Concrete Placing Equipment and referenced documents have been undergoing review since 2009 under the gudance of ME005-17 Sub-Committee.  The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia nominated representative, Mr Anthony Mattar (Beloconnen Concrete) and Craig Heidrich, CEO of the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia in an Observer capacity have been attending meetings and providing feedback through the Association.

Following the the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia appointment of Craig Heidrich, a review was conducted leading to the collapse of ME005-15 Sub-Committee due to lack of consensus and progress and the creation of a new Technical Committee ME191.

The following summary keys events for the project timeline.   

  • January 2013 - Initial Standards Committee draft circulated for public comment
  • February 2013 - Craig Heidrich appointed CEO and undertakes review of ME005-15 Sub-Committee due to lack of consensus and progress
  • ‚ÄčMarch 2013 - Concrete Pumping Association of Australia makes significant submission to contemporise Standard 
  • December 2013 - Standards issues Draft Standard DR AS 2550.15 inviting public comment
  • June 2014 - Standards Committee ME005-15 unable to resolve public comments -- ME005-15 collapsed by Standards Australia
  • August 2014 - Standards Australia & Concrete Pumping Association of Australia jointly host Forum to resolve best way forward for AS 2550.15 review
  • November 2014 - Concrete Pumping Association of Australia submitt project proposal based on Forum outcomes 
  • March 2015 - Standards Australia invite support for project and nominating organisations
  • October 2015 - Concrete Pumping Association of Australia submitt revised project proposal with nominating organisational support
  • March 2016 - Standards Australia approve project and call for nominations to newly formed committee ME091 
  • March 2016 - Concrete Pumping Association of Australia calls for 2 x member nominations  (1 x Concrete Pump Operator 1 x Pump Manufacturer)
  • April 2016 - Nominations filled.  Anthony Matter and David Bond
  • May 2016 - Reference Group meeting for nominated representatives to Standards Australia committee ME091
  • May 2016 - ME191 Commitee Kick off meeting conducted at Standards Australia.  
    • Confirmed project, scope of review to include line pumps, mobile and static boom pumps. 
    • Project to be completed within 18-24 months
  • August 2016 - Standards Australia approved the main work of the committee be managed through an out-of-session Working Group (WG). Committee members; Andrew Mitchell (operator), Anthony Mattar (operator), Phil Zullo (operator), David Bond (manufacturer), Greg Torzillo (manufacturer), Mathew O’Hearn (engineer), Grantley Sloss (operator) and Craig Heidrich (drafting leader)
  • November 2016 -  1st meeting of Working Group. Commenced drafting recommendations. All drafting recommendations will be submitted to the full committee for consideration.
  • March 2017 - 2nd meeting of Working Group. Continued drafting recommendations.  All drafting recommendations will be submitted to the full committee for consideration.

The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia welcomes members enquires.  We will endeavor to keep members abreast of developments through our regular e-blast.



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