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National Concrete Pumping Guidelines

Background: Concrete Pumping Association of Australia being the national body representing the interests of the concrete pumping industry through the National Management Committee adoptedstrategic industry plan has committed to the development of a National Concrete Pumping Industry Guidelines (PumpSafe) to better manage education, information dissemination and engagement industry stakeholders.

Motivation for Project: AS 2550.15 (1994) is pending a complete review under the leadership of the Association.  Over the past several years a number of State Work Safe Authorities (SWS) and Non- Government Organisations (NGO’s) have developed and published speciļ¬c requirements or guidelines for the safe operation, cleaning and maintenance of concrete placing equipment.  In part, each published document has lead to increased conflict with AS 2550.15 and further fragmentation of operating practices across Australia. The aim of the project is review, adopt and develop a nationally consistent guideline on the safe operation, cleaning and maintenance of concrete placing equipment.

Project stages: Taking responsibility for the industry leadership where none currently exists,  through the cooperative development of these guidelines we can provide clear and unambiguous  guidance on industry expectations.  Working Group has been formed.  Tasks and (status);

  • Develop clear scope and budget (finished/approved)
  • Reviewing/comparing current international, national and state adopted standards/guidelines/practices, identifying consistencies/inconsistencies (finished)
  • Undertake consultation with major manufacturers and distributors (ongoing)
  • Develop consultation 'draft' National Concrete Pumping Industry Guidelines and conduct information forum (finished
  • Identifying and secure State Work Safe Authorities (SWS) regulators and Non- Government Organisations (NGO) involvement and endorsement (ongoing)
  • Developing education campaign to raise awareness and promote best practice (ongoing)


 Date  Description
 May 2015      Project, scope, budget and leader approved by National Management Committee.
 Aug 2015 Project reviewed.  Extensive consultation requests with major manufacturers and distributors.  Initial committee draft approved for wider consultation.
 Nov 2015                   Association conducts a Member Forum to review the proposed structure and contents of the Draft V1 National Concrete Pumping Guidelines.  Agenda.
 Dec 2015 CPAA Draft Guidelines open for public comment until 24 Dec 2015.
 Jan 2016 Submitted public comments are being consolidated, reviewed and incorporated into Draft V1 National Concrete Pumping Guidelines.
 Feb 2016 Proposed to circulate Draft V2 National Concrete Pumping Guidelines.
 May 2016

Working Group meeting for the National Concrete Pumping Guidelines.






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