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NHVR - Heavy Vehicle Charge Changes


Some heavy vehicle operators will start to receive 2016-17 registration renewal notices which show changes to national heavy vehicle charges.

In November 2015, the Transport and Infrastructure Council acted on a recommendation from the National Transport Commission to introduce changes, to better reflect the impact of road pavement wear by different types of heavy vehicles.

The changes are based on principles set out by the Council of Australian Governments, which include transparency, on-going cost recovery and the removal of cross subsidies between vehicle classes. Some charges will go up while others will fall to better reflect the impact on the road network by different types of heavy vehicles.

Participating states and territories now have the option of identifying the regulatory component that is passed on to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, and we support the transparent approach to show operators how their registration charge is directed.

However, this is not an additional charge and doesn’t change the overall funding for the NHVR.

The changes also include a decrease in the road user charge on fuel paid by trucking operators from 26.14c per litre to 25.90c per litre.

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NHVR in Western Sydney to promote PBS combinations

The recent release of Australia’s first gazette Notice for Performance Based Standards (PBS) truck and dog combinations and Special Purpose Vehicle Notice were key discussion points during meetings this week between representatives of Western Sydney local authorities and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The PBS Notice replaces the need for state based permits for heavy vehicle combinations comprising three or four-axle trucks towing three, four and five-axle dog trailers.

Its release follows lengthy discussions between the Regulator and state and local government representatives.

The Regulator’s stakeholder specialist for NSW, Tim Hansen hit the road with Mike Wills from NSW Roads and Maritime Services to attend meetings with general managers from the 10 councils making up the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils including Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Liverpool.

Tim’s tour was a chance to encourage councils to sign up routes to the recently released PBS Notice to improve industry productivity and safety and help address Sydney’s worsening congestion by delivering freight in less truck trips.

Tim’s Western Sydney tour also included separate meetings with a number of council technical managers and staff to discuss ways to improve internal systems to better meet industry needs and keep local economies strong.

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