Branding Guidelines

Purpose of these Guidelines?

We strongly believe one of the most valuable benefits of being a member of the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia (CPAA) is being able to identify your organisation as being part of the strong, unified and respected voice for the concrete pumping industry working to improve the professionalism, safety, standards and performance of the industry.

The Association's strong brand identity is one of the most valuable assets members can utilise, but it must be consistently communicated and applied throughout internal and external marketing efforts. The branding guidelines allow anyone dealing with us or our members to know who we are, what we do and what we stand for!


We have made our updated promotional material available to you on this page. Click on the various links below to receive high-resolution images of our logo, images, and font styles. If there is a specific image you require, contact us now!

CPAA Member Logo

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Font Styles

Who can use the CPAA logo?

Only eligible members are able to use the logo, eligible members must:

  • Be current financial members; and
  • Partners approved by the Association to reproduce and use the logo

Standard usage - Examples of where the Association logo can be used by members without specific approval include:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads and other office stationery;
  • Email signatures and templates;
  • Business Websites;
  • Promotional and advertising materials; and
  • Office signage.

Branding requirements

  • The preferred logo artwork is eligible to members in EPS and JPG format.
  • The typeface shall not be altered or replaced with another. 
  • The proportions of logo and text shall be retained. When resizing, ensure the logo is not distorted.
  • The logo should be a proportionate size to other elements on the page. 
  • Only the approved logo supplied by the Association should be used.
  • Members must not extract or copy the logo from any other source. 

Usage not permitted

  • To promote or endorse any business not associated with the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia; or
  • Where it may be considered that the use of the logo constitutes a recommendation or endorsement by the CPAA of a product or service; or
  • Where the CPAA logo is used to form a part of any other logo.
  • Where a member becomes non-financial, they MUST remove any use of the Logo from their business.
  • Instances of wilful non-compliance with this policy may be treated as copyright breaches.


Any questions regarding communications material produced using the Association logo should be directed email us.

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