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Concrete Roads and Highways - CIA Seminar


The modern major concrete road is a sophisticated engineering structure which must meet the highest of quality standards under extremely demanding conditions.

Unlike most other concrete structures, concrete highways are subjected to very heavy traffic loads travelling at high speeds for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, testing every square metre of the pavement.  Over a lifetime in excess of 40 years, these high impact loads will identify any weakness, anywhere in the structure.

The specified method of construction, wherever practicable, is by slipform pavers travelling at speeds of around 1.0 metres per minute and consuming up to 1,800 cubic metres of concrete in a day.  Ideally, the paver works without stopping for the whole day for best results.

To achieve the expected performance, in terms of longevity, wear resistance, skid resistance, ride quality and low road/tyre noise levels, concrete technology and construction practices must be at their highest levels.

This seminar will present the audience with information which will challenge the normal perceptions of concrete materials requirements, mix design, compaction requirements and construction techniques.

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