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WorkSafe VIC - Mobile Boom Pump Safety


Following numerous incidents involving boom pumps placing workers and the public at risk, WorkSafe inspectors are currently visiting construction sites to ensure the risks associated with setting up and operating truck-mounted mobile concrete boom pumps (boom pumps) are being controlled.

Image: WorkSafe VIC, Obey the no go zones when operating concrete boom.


Incidents have included:

  • Overturning boom pumps due to situations such as structural slab failure, ground conditions and short blocking outriggers

  • Structural failure in the boom or slew ring

  • Full or partial collapse of the boom

  • End hoses uncoupling and falling during the pout or while being cleaned out

  • End hoses whipping around

  • Concrete or the pipe clean-out device ('sponge') striking people during the clean-out process

  • Bursting pipes, bends and end hoses

  • Pipe clamp failures

  • People being entangled in the pump's moving parts

  • Boom striking overhead powerlines 

WorkSafe VIC August/September Focus


WorkSafe inspectors will ensure duty holders involved in concrete pumping operations are complying with their obligations, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing and maintaining plant or systems of work 

  • Boom pump operators hold a high-risk work licence (ie ‘Class PB – concrete-placing boom’)

  • Safe work method statement (SWMS) is prepared before high-risk construction work commences and work is performed in accordance with the SWMS

  • Risks associated with concrete pumping operations are controlled and the Concrete pumping industry standard is followed, including requirements related to:

    • The location of the boom pump set-up;

      • Public areas set-up, including traffic and pedestrian controls

      • No-go zones for overhead powerlines (see image)

    • Boom pump inspections and maintenance, including pipe componentry (eg pipe clamps and safety pins)

    • Thickness testing for pipeline components 

    • Boom pump set-up, including outrigger placement

    • Control of trucks discharging into the hopper

    • Hopper guarding and emergency controls

    • Pump and pipeline clean-out process.

View the full document regarding WorkSafe's focus on truck-mounted mobile concrete boom pump safety here.



Further Information from WorkSafe VIC

WorkSafe has developed a range of guidance material on concrete pumping which can be downloaded or viewed at 


Source: WorkSafe VIC 2018


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