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Line Pump Training

The CPAA's Line Pump Training Courses aim to increase knowledge of Line Pumpers through the dissemination of current information and schooling on best practice. The wide variety of course content assists members to achieve the highest degree of professionalism and to be able to maintain strict safety standards. The Training Courses also aid in the facilitation of communication, sharing of knowledge and experience.

Line Pump Training Course

Understand the basics of line pumping from a course delivered in one day. This course provides members with an overview of planning, set-up, operation, cleaning and hazards of line pumps in the construction industry. This course is particularly useful for people in roles such as a spotter, line hand or traffic controller.
Note: This course is a prerequisite for the Line Operator Training Course.


The course location will be determined using the Expression of Interest form below. The city with the highest number of attendees will be the first Course location. Complete the 30-second form below.


Friday, 17th November 2017


$1,000 (excl GST) CPAA Members
$1,500 (excl GST) Non-Members


To be determined by Expression of Interest form numbers.

Target Audience

Line hand, line operator, spotter, traffic controller, concrete placers, administration, logistics or sales positions.

Learning Objective

To have a basic understanding of a line pump, line pumping, cleaning procedures, safety issues relating to its use and key terminology.


No prerequisites


  1. 1-day course
  2. Line Pump Workbook/Presentation Notes
  3. Certificate of Completion
  4. CPAA Information Pack 
  5. Concrete Pumper's Annual Magazine
  6. CPAA Stickers
  7. CPAA Cap


60 multiple choice questions: > 70% to pass


As per the CPAA's policies, there will be no refund of any amounts of money paid. Cancellations or substitutions must be advised to the Events Coordinator by email at

Continuing Professional Development 

Attendance at this course contributes toward the 2018 Line Operator Training Course.


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