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CPAA-Inspect Inspector/Certifier of Pumping Equipment
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CPAA-Pump Pumping Contractor (Line and Boom)
CPAA-RTO Registered Trainer of Concrete Pumping Equipment
CPAA-Supplier Supplier of services to Concrete Pumping Industry

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Life Members: Brian Callaghan, Don Tolson.

  • AllStyle Concrete Pumping

    Unit 2/23 Christable Way
    Office: +61 8 93039466

    Member no. CPA-0335
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • BGC Concrete

    PO Box 7223
    PERTH WA 6850
    Office: 08 9261 1899
    Member no. CPA-0097
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Challenge Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd

    17 Berryman Tce
    Baldivis WA 6171
    Mobile: 0409905444

    Member no. CPA-0318
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Citywest Concrete Pumping

    3 Harris Road
    MALAGA WA 6944
    Mobile: 0407 199 196
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Dash Concrete Pumping

    12 Vivaldi Avenue
    Stirling WA 6021
    Mobile: 0419904488

    Member no. CPA-0291
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Direct Concrete Pumping

    7 Higham Road
    Marangaroo WA 6064
    Mobile: +61 4 179 13472

    Member no. CPA-0243
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • DTMT Construction

    29 Wellard Street
    BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
    Office: 08 9418 3933

    Member no. CPA-0140
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Formaction Concrete Civils Pty Ltd

    PO Box 1384
    WANGARA WA 6947
    Office: 08 9302 5724

    Member no. CPA-0201
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Great Northern Concrete Pumping

    PO Box 1702
    BROOME WA 6725
    Office: +61 8 9192-6570

    Member no. CPA-0081
    Category: CPAA-Pump
  • Weststate Concrete Pumping

    Unit 1/52 Erceg Rd
    Yangebup WA 6164
    Office: 894187666

    Member no. CPA-0332
    Category: CPAA-Pump