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eLogbook Update 1.2.7


The CPAA recently released update 1.2.7 for Android and iOS which introduces a number of important changes to the eLogbook App:

Pipeline Thickness Check Accuracy

The "Pipeline Thickness Check" has now been fixed to allow accuracy to 0.1mm.

File Upload Button

Due to some changes in the iOS and Android operating systems, file uploading ceased working. This has now been fixed on both platforms.

Along with the fix, the file choosing interface has a new and improved interface on both platforms.

Save Button in Tasks

Save button added to the Tasks screen to make it consistent with the rest of the app,

Pipeline Thickness Check Printing

You can now print to PDF reports for the pipeline thickness check with 6 months of thickness history. 

You can also send the PDF as a link via email etc so other can view the app in their browser on any Device (eLogbook App not required to view these)

If you have your phone/tablet and printer setup to print over the network, you can also use the built-in printing feature to print the reports straight to the printer. 

PDF Viewer

The PDF viewer interface has been improved in both performance and stability


Display compatibility has been updated to accommodate more devices such as those with "Notches, Punch hole cameras, and Curved Screens". Let us know if the App is not displaying correctly or sections cut off on your device.

Other Updates

Graphs throughout the app are temporarily down due to compatibility issues with JS code updates. These should be working again shortly in the next update.

Performance and bug fixes to file uploading, document choosing, camera, network status reporting and other pre-requisite libraries that run the app and its features.

1.2.75 Patch

Log Hours up to 2 decimal points of accuracy so you can enter 0.25 (15 minutes), 0.5 (30mins), 0.75 (45mins) etc.

Kilometres Traveled up to 2 decimal places.

Other sections allowing more accuracy. 

Registration form added to the app for new users wanting to create an account.

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