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SafeWork NSW - Changes to Plant Registration


SafeWork NSW has reached out to the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia to help inform the industry about impending changes to registration requirements for satellite concrete placing booms. The changes are detailed below.


Satellite concrete placing booms (also referred to as fixed or separate booms) installed at workplaces in NSW will require plant item registration from the 1st of July 2021.


Satellite concrete placing booms did not previously require plant item registration (PIR) under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. Transitional arrangements were applied at the introduction of the WHS Regulation (2011) which allowed the continued exclusion of satellite concrete placing booms from PIR requirements. This transitional period expires on 30 June 2021. From the 1stof July 2021 satellite placing booms installed at workplaces in NSW will require plant item registration in accordance with Part 5.3 and Clause 702A of the WHS Regulation 2017.

What you need to do:

Plant owners and those in control of plant (such as principal contractors) must ensure that plant item registration is obtained for satellite placing booms installed at a NSW workplace.  The location referenced on the registration should be the working location.

Additional information:

Refer to the plant registration page on the SafeWork NSW website.

Contact or if you require additional information.


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