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SafeWork NSW: Reducing Risk in Concrete Pumping



In January of 2022, SafeWork NSW reached out to the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia to request the facilitation & deliver of a safety-related briefing on concrete placing equipment to a group of approximately 40 Inspectors. The focus of the training was to include pump function and operation, inspection and maintenance (including pipe inspection) key components and safety devices, logbooks.

Follow this link to learn more about our Concrete Pump Training with SafeWork NSW. 

SafeWork NSW Alert 

In the follow-up to this CPAA facilitated training, SafeWork NSW inspectors will begin actively focussing on concreting safety in construction, with a focus on formwork and concrete placing equipment.

What Does This Mean Exactly?

On a construction site, form workers among others are at risk of falls. These falls can occur from formwork decks or through penetrations, formwork collapse, and falling timbers or crane loads leading to traumatic fatalities. In fact, SafeWork NSW has identified that"falls from height are the primary cause of traumatic fatalities on NSW construction sites, with falls from formwork being in the top 5 serious falls reported to SafeWork."

Principal contractors and site supervisors have a duty to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to health and safety, so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes working from the ground where possible, ensuring formwork is erected on solid foundations, using edge protection and covers, having exclusion zones in place to prevent unauthorised access during erection and dismantling and having a competent person sign off before pouring concrete.

Principal contractors must also ensure safe systems of work for set-up, placement and concrete operations, safe distances to overhead power lines are maintained, pre and post start checks are undertaken and exclusion zones/traffic controls are in place. 

When it comes to concrete pumping, workers are mostly at risk of being hit by the hose or concrete spray, and the equipment coming into contact with powerlines, scaffold or a building.

  • To make sure this standard is upheld and sites are kept safe for workers on or near formwork, site supervisors can use this NEW formwork safety checklist
  • To ensure optimal safety, and to learn more about working safely around pumping equipment, inspectors and workers can reference the SafeWork NSW website


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