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Concrete Pump Contractors

Pump operator membership is available to companies that own or lease concrete pumping equipment in Australia.  Each class will receive a different number of benefits, which can be found in detail on the Membership Benefits Spreadsheet. From 2017, Pump Operator Membership will be broken into 3 categories.

Small Pump Operator - $385
Pumpers with less than 5 pumps -- Consisting of more than 60% of the industry, we believe that the small increase in membership cost reflects the new benefits highlighted in the Membership Benefits Spreadsheet.

Medium Pump Operator - $580
Pumpers with 6 to 10 pumps -- Medium pump operators are among the most involved members in the CPAA. For this reason, benefits such as free information circulars have been increased for this group.

Large Pump Operator - $750
Pumpers with more than 10 pumps -- Large pump operators represent only 10% of the industry membership, however these companies account for over 60% of the industry revenues. This membership category provides significant benefits for these larger operators to capitalize on CPAA’s position and standing as the peak industry body to represent concrete pumpers in Australia.



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