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Improve your Chances of Continued Success in 2019



The Concrete Pumping Association of Australia are pleased to announce that we will sponsor a financial benchmarking study commencing 1 November. We have partnered with the independent benchmarking firm, Profit Soup, to produce the study which will be based on 2017/18 financial year results.

Participation is open, encouraged and free for CPAA members who operate concrete pumping companies. The study will contrast aggregate results representing industry averages to the top, most profitable performers to demonstrate just how the best in the business outperform the rest.

Participants receive a confidential financial assessment for their own business as well as "state of the industry" report, including key financial metrics.
We know that confidentiality is important, which is why we've selected Profit Soup as our trusted partner for the project. Only Barbara Nuss, CPA and select members of her team will have access to individual company results. No company-specific information will be shared with the CPAA or anyone else.  Only aggregated figures are shared in the reports.

Profit Soup has conducted similar studies for the American Concrete Pumping Association and the Crane Industry Council of Australia. Those that have participated in these projects appreciate the incredibly valuable insights they gained by seeing how their results compare to similar companies. By using the study, alongside their confidential financial assessments, decision makers create a business improvement plan with measurable objectives. Identify where you can drive more profit - further improving your strengths, or bolster some of your weaker areas - and set goals that you can easily measure progress toward.

Improve your chances of continued success in 2019 by participating in this study. The survey will be distributed in November after companies have had a chance to finalise 2017/18 financials - more participation provides better, more reliable benchmarks. 

At no cost to members and with the confidentiality assurances of a professional benchmarking firm, why wouldn't you participate and benefit from the rich information this report provides?

Jump on board with the project by registering your interest below and give your accountant a heads-up now, so you're sure to have your results ready in time to participate.  


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