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Construction risks as we enter the festive season

22nd November 2018

The lead up to the end of the year is traditionally a high-risk period for all sectors of the construction industry in South Australia. With just a few weeks left until the festive season, principal contractors, Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU’s) and workers may feel under pressure to get jobs completed prior to the holiday period.

Avoid tragedy in the lead up to this holiday season by staying focused on the most important aspect of construction work – ensuring you and your mates get home safely to your families every day

Workers injured when concrete pipe toppled over

22nd October 2018

Two workers in an excavation have been injured when a 1350mm diameter concrete stormwater pipe toppled over. 

Excavation work introduces a number of risks that must be managed, including the risk of people working in the excavation being crushed by unrestrained or inadequately restrained pipes. Workplace Health and Safety QLD discuss control measures to prevent unrestrained or inadequately restrained objects in the excavation from toppling over. 

Action taken against construction company for breaching Prohibition Notice

4th October 2018

WorkSafe ACT has entered into a $300,000 enforceable undertaking with local company Construction Control following an alleged breach of a Prohibition Notice relating to the use of unsafe scaffolding. This is a reminder to industry and site managers to ensure that any notices and associated restrictions are communicated to all workers and subcontractors who may attend a site.

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