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Collapse of truck mounted concrete pump with boom

21st March 2019

In March 2019, a truck-mounted concrete pump with boom (TMCPWB) collapsed on to an operator.  The injured person had his leg pinned by the boom, causing leg injuries.

Possible contributing factors:

  • Ground under the TMCPWB insufficiently compacted.
  • Underground services not identified. When pressure is placed on underground services such as pipes, they may be damaged causing soil subsidence.
  • TMCPWB not correctly set up
  • Insufficient operator training or experience.
  • Insufficient operator attention to the task of setting up the TMCPWB.

WorkSafe WA's safety alert details how to manage the risks of truck-mounted concrete pumps with booms. 

Crane Incidents

7th March 2019

On Friday 22 February 2019, WorkSafe ACT was called to an industrial yard in Hume after being alerted that a mobile crane had tipped over. Inspectors were faced with a 300T mobile slewing crane that had tipped while undergoing maintenance/servicing and came to rest with the driver cabin approximately 10 metres in the air.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the tasks were being undertaken without the required counterweights resulting in the crane tipping once the boom section was extended where it exceeded the stability moment for the crane.

Click the link below to read the full safety alert. 

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