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Crane Incidents

7th March 2019

On Friday 22 February 2019, WorkSafe ACT was called to an industrial yard in Hume after being alerted that a mobile crane had tipped over. Inspectors were faced with a 300T mobile slewing crane that had tipped while undergoing maintenance/servicing and came to rest with the driver cabin approximately 10 metres in the air.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the tasks were being undertaken without the required counterweights resulting in the crane tipping once the boom section was extended where it exceeded the stability moment for the crane.

Click the link below to read the full safety alert. 

Precast Panel Falling From Structure

7th February 2019

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, WorkSafe ACT was called to a construction site in Braddon where a large precast concrete panel fell from the building and impacted a neighbouring property.

It is imperative that a rigid system and safe work method statements are prepared and strictly followed when undertaking high risk construction work. There are no circumstances under which the installation of concrete panels can occur without being sufficiently planned and documented in a safe work method statement. It is imperative that any safe work method statement is strictly followed and the planned process is not deviated from without appropriate planning and documented variations made to the safe work method statement.

Action taken against construction company for breaching Prohibition Notice

4th October 2018

WorkSafe ACT has entered into a $300,000 enforceable undertaking with local company Construction Control following an alleged breach of a Prohibition Notice relating to the use of unsafe scaffolding. This is a reminder to industry and site managers to ensure that any notices and associated restrictions are communicated to all workers and subcontractors who may attend a site.

Workplace safety in spotlight this October

2nd October 2018

A moment is all it takes for an injury to happen at work and change the course of a worker’s life.

A moment is also how long it takes to report a safety hazard before it becomes an issue. To ensure a worker has the right training and supervision to do their job. To ask a work mate if they are ok. To speak up for safety in the workplace.

October is Safe Work Month and all employers and workers are encouraged to take a moment to reflect on their workplace safety culture and to ensure safety is the key focus each and every day.

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